Over 15 years ago Scott kramer and Steve Zumoff had an idea, and idea that became the coffeshop and community we call home, this idea was the Beehive. The idea for what is a second home, to many people, often reffered to as a second living room came to Scott and Steve after having traveled the country together. The pair followed Jerry Garcia and slept in outdoor camps, and on beachs. Most of their conversations about business endevours had taken place in coffeshops, thus the Beehive was formed.

Scott created the now familier sign above the entrance and local artsists jumped in to help create the unique decor."The name Beehive came from a place in France where all the artists were living in the 1930s. Artists can come here and ideas can flow." Kramer said. That is exactly what happened.

Not only have artists, and creatives traditionaly found home at the Beehive during it's long history, but businessmen, students, bikers, and even ministers have filled their need for caffeine and community here enjoying great conversation while sipping back one of the many delicious coffees, or desserts.

The Beehive consistently wins awards for best coffeehouse, if you have ever been to it's home on the corner of 14th and Carson you'll know why. Not only is the coffee top notch but Kramer and Zumoff have created an atmosphere that lends itself to loyalty. Ask any random person about there time there and you are bound to hear they have spent years at the Beehive's mismatched tables, for the coffee, the people and the history.