Welcome to the Beehive Coffeehouse & Dessertery

We offer Grilled Sandwhiches, Wraps, Soups, Mixed Drinks, Liquor Milkshakes, Beer Floats, Coffee Cocktails, Bombs, Coffee Bombs & More!!


The Beehive has been South Side's place to meet up with an eclectic creative crowd since 1991.


The Beehive is a keystone of character for Pittsburgh’s historic and now trendy Southside. Much has changed since the Beehive's inception, and the Southside is now known for more than 40 bars and clubs within 10 blocks, not to mention numerous restaurants, independent small shops and galleries.


The Beehive continues to offer a great escape with its unique ambiance, and a few new additions such as coffee liquer cocktails and an expanded food menu.


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